Day 1 | Lugoj, (RO), 4 april 2016
Day 2 | Lugoj, (RO), 5 april 2016
Day 3 | Lugoj, (RO), 6 april 2016
Day 4 | Lugoj, (RO), 7 april 2016
Day 5 | Jimbolia, (RO), 8 april 2016
Day 6 | Kikinda, Serbia, 9 april 2016
Day 7 | Comloşu Mare, (RO), 10 april 2016
Day 8 | Lugoj, (RO), 11 april 2016
Day 9 | Lugoj, (RO), 12 april 2016
Day 10 | Lugoj, (RO), 13 april 2016
In remembering of that photo project which I have started along the 2015`s years (each photo per day – 365picoftheday2015), this year I am trying everyday for 10 days, more exactly from 3 to 12 april to make a photo with an old vintage camera which has 45 years old.It is easy today to use a digital camera and this fact make us to not be pretentious about the picture we take, I was so carreful and mindful with every pic I have takealong that time.The strange thinng wa: you can`t see again the photo after you did it.You will wait so happy the day when you will develop the photo.You also think about if you made the best choice with the display and focusation, if you have a DSLR camera you can change them so easy, here you can`t.It`s like a live football macth.It is not possible to see again the goal if you are at the stadium.I trully respect the people who take photos with film cameras in past, at that time it wasn`t easy to have a kind of passion like it.I was born in that specific age, at the end of it to be honest, I just made photos only for keeping them in an album.They were just remembering pics.I really want to do that project to help me to go back in that beautiful times spiritual and technic.The camera I used was fot that mini-picoftheday was a Canon FTb ql: a kind of SRL made in Japan in March 1971.The film which photos are taken was Kodak C-41 with ISO 200.

Countries and towns where I take pic in that 10 days: Romania: Lugoj, Jimbolia, Comloşu Mare. Serbia: Kikinda.

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